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Of Endings & Beginnings

"Mother Nature (FAWN)," artwork by Dolan Geiman

It’s been a while since I’ve written. During Covid my work slowed, and as a response I built a house and developed the Sacred Mentoring Program. My Consultorio at the Mesa is actively holding the medicine and I have an office in Grand Junction. I continue to travel to see patients, too.

In this first Food for the Heart blog since Covid, I am going to talk about the life changing experience I had ten months ago that led me to leave a medicine path group and spiritual organization of twenty years. I held the status of elder, community leader and healer. The change came on the heels of my year-long prayer to Tate Haramara, the almighty and vast being we call Grandmother Ocean.

The fog lifted and I awoke knowing with unmistakable clarity that it was time to move on...

How the prayer turned to action was quite a surprise to me. Here’s the story: In Septem

ber I had received great benefit from limpias (spiritual cleanings given by Huichol shamans) while attending a ceremony with fellow path followers. We were on the remote mesa of the Sierra Madres of central Mexico. In the night, the singing went on and on and I lost count of how many limpias we all received, but I didn’t loose sight of the impact the cleanings had on me. Any discordant events and energies I carried were released in the healing of these cleanings by the man and woman shamans. They revealed how we had been neglected, probably as individuals within the group. I do not know exactly what was meant by that, but it rang true for me. And one of the limpias gracefully released our hold on our recently deceased beloved teacher. Other rounds of disharmony flew to the stars and were given to Grandfather Fire. I felt fresh and renewed.

The fog lifted and I awoke knowing with unmistakable clarity that it was time to move on from the organization, but to remain on my healing path. The great ocean we call Tate Haramara moved my spirit and soul to make this drastic change. The winds had blown my sail in another direction. Now, several months later the joyous feeling continues to sing its song, providing more clarity for this new and supported direction I’m traveling in. And, I have a renewed vitality that’s strengthening and enhancing my spiritual connections.

My heart has simply moved me in the direction to go.
Deanna, first initiation, 2003, Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit, MEXICO

Leaving the path group was not a faint-hearted undertaking. My steadfast commitment of twenty-five years fulfilled the initial phase of my calling. This commitment and my vows are intact. The beautiful medicine I carry lives in me and I treasure, honor and hold this medicine dear in my heart.

My heart has simply moved me in the direction to go. What my father expressed to me not too long ago speaks to how I move in the world: “What I love about you, Nan, is that you always follow your heart.” This is true for all of my life. The regrets I have are from times I listened to the fear-based voice of my mind and missed some wonderful opportunities.

With great joy, I continue to be a healer, a mentor, a ceremonial and ritual leader, a community leader, and offer these precious gifts I’ve received, to you, to my people, to our communities. If you would like to know more or contact me for mentor, spiritual healing, or simply a conversation, I would love to hear from you!

With love and devotion,

Deanna Jenné

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