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Living Transitions
Rites of  Passage


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In the ways of our ancestors, rituals marked the natural timing of the sacred transition points of our lives, from birth to the after-death journey of the soul. With years of learning from elders, Deanna, an initiated ritual leader and Animist Minister, facilitates rites of passages for individuals today. Living Transitions are for anyone of any belief, religion and gender. 

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Ritual for Substance Use

WELCOME TO THE WORLD is the ritual we give to our children at any age to introduce them to the world, to weave them into the tapestry of their community so they have protection as they grow. Deanna performs this welcoming ritual in the home of the family .



Initiation into Adulthood is a timeless ritual where Deanna, with a staff, guides  adolescents between the ages of 16 to 25 into the sacred doorway of adulthood.  This ritual is tailored to each person's needs and we follow a template of ancestral wisdom and knowledge to usher our young adults into a pathway of life-long learning and the ability to respond to life.



MARRIAGE CEREMONY OR RITUAL  comes in three varieties: A ceremony witnesses the  vows of the couple and officially, as a Minister, signs the marriage certificate;  A blessing wedding  that we design together, co-creating the sacred elements of the ceremony. Included is pre-marital counsel, the vows and as Ministerial official, signing the marriage certificate; And, as a Mara'akáme and Animist Minister, I officiate a ritual in which the divine forces have the role in granting the marriage. 


FUNERARY RITES is a distinctly time-honored and essential gift for our people to ancestralize one's soul.  Deanna follows in the footsteps of cultures throughout the world as an initiated ritual leader, to care and guide the soul on its afterlife journey. 

To learn more about Funerary Rites and to plan Death Directives for yourself or a loved one, contact Deanna. 

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❝ We are nature. Living harmoniously is our birthright.

Our true nature beckons us to align with the world around us ,

with the ancestors, the rhythm of the world, the elemental forces,

the other-than-human beings and with each other. 


Deanna's Living Transitions offering includes mentoring to prepare and guide one to walk through the doorway of one life phase to the next.  The soul requires a catalytic spark for transformation to occur. These rituals are essential tools for individual renewal and cultural cohesion. 

There are three phases to a rite of passage ritual for Initiation into Adulthood:  separation (leaving the familiar), transition (a time of testing, learning and growing), and the return (to incorporate and integrate) to the life you came from. Living Transitions anchors one to place, time and the creative force of spirit. 

Living Transitions rituals are enhanced by the presence of community, family and friends to participate and witness the spiritual alchemy. 


What are Rites of Passages? 

❝ In this specialized world, where

specialists are in has

to understand the whole, not just one

part of [living]. To understand this

whole, with all its astonishing variety,

nuances, subtleties and extraordinary

beauty, one must have total intelligence,

not a specialized intelligence. ❞

                                                             ~ Krishnamurti

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