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Living Transitions Offerings 

Living Transitions offer rituals for individuals of any tradition, belief, religion and gender. These rituals can be arranged at your home, a special place other than home, at The Consultorio on the Mesa Life Land or elsewhere. 


BAPTISM is the ritual we give to our children at any age to introduce them to the world, to weave them into the tapestry of their community so they have protection as they grow. Deanna performs baptisms in the area of which the child is living or on the Mesa Life land.



SACRED RITE OF PASSAGE FOR YOUNG WOMEN is a timeless ritual where Deanna guides from adolescence through into womanhood.  The sacred doorway to her purpose in life begins her learning to be in relationship with adulthood and her community. This ritual is tailored to each young woman’s needs following the template of ancestral wisdom and knowledge.



MARRIAGE CEREMONY or RITUAL  can take one of three forms: a ceremony to witness the vows of a couple and officially sign the marriage certificate;  a sacred blessing ceremony that may include designing all or part of the wedding ceremony including vows, marriage counsel and as the official to sign the marriage certificate; or, conducting a very specific ritual in which the divine forces, the gods, have the role of granting the marriage. Deanna offers pre-marital council to prepare each person and the couple for an enduring commitment. 



FUNERARY RITES are offered to family and friends, the loved ones of a deceased person. This ritual helps the deceased to complete their journey through the realms of spirit to return to their ancestral homeland. Funerary Rites time-honored by cultures throughout the world.


Deanna is initiated to perform the rites in the home of the deceased, the home of a family or friend of the deceased and can the rites can also be preformed long-distance or at the Consultorio with one or more members of the family or friends.  


Funerary Rites can be performed immediately after death at the five or forty day windows, and afterward up to many years after death.

Please contact Deanna for a detailed description of Funerary Rites and for planning Death Directives for yourself or a loved one.





The soul of an unborn child can linger in the mother's energy field for many years. No matter how long it has been, Deanna provides healing and support for the mother and ultimately the family.  A ritual is part of the healing process that unburdens the soul, helping it to move to the ancestral realm. A gift to all.  

Rituals to heal substance use 

This is a shamanic ritual that will heal your unwanted and unhealthy relationships with substances that have taken over your ability to live and thrive in a balanced way.  Deanna works with you and your relationship to the sacred plants such as Tobacco, Marijuana, Ayahuasca, Peyote and with the spirit of alcohol.  We will meet in person or by telephone, long distance as we embark on a sacred journey to release the subtance's possession of you.  You must be present for the ritual.  After the ritual, Deanna can guide you to a life connected to the awe and beauty of nature and your life.






Young Women
Ritual for Substance Use
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