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Mountain Ridge

on The Road Less Traveled

What  to Expect

Traditional Medicine

By balancing mind with heart and deepening our connection to the natural world, and finding balance with our emotional and physical bodies, the healing tonic of this traditional medicine mends the souls of our people.

As a healer and spiritual mentor Deanna endeavors to uncover the imbalance within and call on the ancient traditional medicine she has received to activate your light and warmth, and to bring about a sense of satisfaction to that which has grown cold within. Healing the heart and reviving your soul is possible. 

Shamanic healing is the oldest form of medicine, and it is a powerful means of bringing harmony and balance to one's life. As our ancestors knew thousands of years ago, health is more than just an absence of symptoms. Our well-being is a result of being in a good relationship with others, our environment, and Divine--whatever your particular spiritual affiliation. Shamanic healing can help move you towards health in a deeper and more profound way than conventional western medicine alone; it helps you to find your proper place in the world.  

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