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Discover Deanna's Offerings

Be the weaver of your life


A ceremony, making and placing offerings,

talking and listening, purifying energy centers within the body,

calling on nature and elemental forces for assistance can unravel the accumulated knots and lead to discovering yourself, healing the old worn-out ideas, and connecting to the natural world.

This healing helps you reweave the one and only precious life you have out of your rugged, wounded, unique, and blessed gifts.

Read on for the Description of Offerings


At this time, there are no courses scheduled.

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Individual Healing Ceremony

At the Consultorio or Host Location


We begin our session sitting with the Sacred Fire to connect to matters that are calling for attention. With deep listening, counsel, singing and energy healing, a doorway opens for healing to begin. 


Fasting is recommended.  The ceremony will be one to three hours and cost is commensurate with time. 


Bring walking shoes and wear clothing for outdoor enjoyment on the beautiful and wild land of Mesa Life.

Grand Junction City Office ~ Telephone or Zoom

Home Visits ~ The Consultorio

Spiritual and wellness counsel is available to individuals, business groups and communities. We find the song that connects you to the rhythm of the world. This counsel is rooted in the laws of nature and ancestral ways.  

Give meaning to life.  


We will sort out values and perspectives about raising children, family life, marriage and relationship dynamics. Trauma and unworkable patterns can dissipate with ancestral healing ways.


Maintain balance in the rapidly changing world.  


Businesses want sacred to be be present in the workplace.

Deanna can help you with that.  


Get in touch for a free consultation

Personal Healing Retreat
A Personal Healing Retreat

Designed for You at the Consultorio & Mesa Life Land

There are times in your life when you need a change of scenery and a guide to help you dive deep to heal and to restore the meaning and direction of your life.


Spend one to three days with Deanna on the Mesa Life land and do a spiritual, emotional, physical and mind reset


This is a gift you will treasure for a lifetime

Women's Retreats

 Women's Retreats

on The Mesa Life Land or in Your Community

Together we give ourselves the essential time-honored reset needed to meet the demands of our busy modern lives. Using The land is our teacher,  our dreams inform us, tell our stories to learn from each other, and have we sit on the rocks under an oak tree to reflect, pray and meditate. Everything we do has meaning that will guide us into the depths of our soul grounding us and making us holy.


We need each other to fulfill our basic love and life needs, the longing for relationship and togetherness. 


Women’s Retreats are offered in the Spring and Fall on the Mesa Life Land. Lodging Facilities include a yurt that sleeps four - six, a tiny house for one, a tipi that sleeps up to six and camping. Primitive bathroom and shower facilities and outdoor kitchen. Meals are included. And we eat well!

Give yourself a retreat

Purification Ceremony
Purification Ceremony

An Experience at the Consultorio

Many cultures throughout the world have purification buildings or sweat lodges that call on the sacred elements for purification.  Deanna's ceremony is with prayer and song, heated stones, special aromatic plants and lots of sweat to bring about healing of body, mind and spirit. Going into the darkness you return to the womb of your beginning for  healing on all levels.


Deanna is a Temascalera, a woman sweat lodge leader, trained and initiated in the Nahua and Mayan traditions. She offers this ceremony to individuals and groups.


Sacred Mentoring

Virtual or by Phone ~ Experience of Guidance and Collaboration


We are destined to live a purposeful life. It is never too late to start a collaborative and sacred relationship with a mentor. Deanna brings perspective and life-long learning, experience and wisdom to each session. You will receive spiritual and practical guidance tailored to fit what you need now with an aim toward the future.


Sacred Mentoring can help you develop and hone effective life-way skills and deepen your spiritual connection.  This is a virtual or by telephone program from 3 to 12 months. Contact her for more about Sacred Mentoring.

Plant Spirt Medicine
Plant Spirit Medicine

Downtown Grand Junction Office ~ Home Visit

For 25 years Deanna has worked with plants and the five elemental laws of nature to heal at the spirit, mind, physical and emotions. Plants are human's first medicine.

Plant Spirit Medicine is offered in the comfort of her downtown office in Grand Junction, CO.  Expect the first session to be two hours long and 75 minutes for consecutive healing sessions and is best received on a regular basis.

Be restored to your essential nature 

Animals as Helpers
Animals as Helpers & Allies

Animal Totems are a Part of You

Since the beginning of time animals have had an integral role in the development of our lives. As Westerners we have lost part of ourselves by not cultivating this deeply personal relationship. There is exquisite help that our Animal Totems are readily able to give us.


Discover the animals you have a soul relationship with, called Totems, and how they can be of great benefit to your life.


Deanna offers several ways to Discover your Animal Totems:

    ~ A two day Workshop - four to six people — your place or             mine

    ~ A two-day Personal Retreat in Mesa, CO

    ~ Individual Animal Totem Exploratory sessions virtually or           by telephone

    ~ Individual Deepening Your Relationship with your totems         sessions virtually or by telephone

People love working with

Deanna on animal totems

Home Tending
Home & Hearth Tending

Spiritual Cleansing For House, Resident & Business

House cleaning goes beyond the tangible. Clearing the energy field in your home, office or business brings a sense of well-being with your surroundings. Experience deeper states of reflection, calm and gratitude where you spend time.


Clear your entire home including garage, cars and basement. She recommends that each resident or business associate also receive a spiritual cleansing to maintain your inner peace and tranquility.


Price for Home & Hearth Tending is commensurate with size and number of people, attached buildings and other influences that require attention to bring about balance and harmony.  Contact Deanna to get an estimate.

Make your house a home 

Women's Health
Women's Health

 Traditional Medicine and Wisdom for Modern Women
Downtown Grand Junction office ~ Consultorio ~
Long Distance ~ Home Visit

There are ancestral traditional ways to help women today. Herbal remedies, plant spirit medicine and massage techniques are just a few ways to good health in many cultures with no side effects.


Deanna's  wisdom and learning from Mayan women healers of Belize and many other teachers help us retain our  stewardship of our womb and body.  


Reclaim and nurture your body's own healer. bringing back health and vitality.


With Deanna's help, these traditional ways empower you to heal imbalances of menstrual cycle, menopause, conception and regulate your hormonal balance. This is soul work.

Get in touch for a free consultation

Long Distane Healing

No matter where you live in the world, we are just a zoom or telephone call away. The luminous energy field connects all of us. Deanna's gift to you is talking, listening, healing all in the comfort of your home. Set up a session today.

Let's work together

Workshops & Online

Workshops, Online Classes
and Public Ceremonies

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"By re-weaving our lives through ceremony and ritual we remember our primordial nature."

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