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Ancestral Eclipse Wisdom

Nothing Will Live Without Father Sun

A fun teaching from several cultures.  Many early creation stories talk about how light and dark, day and night came to be. Many attribute coyote as not only the trickster but also through his shenanigans, let humans out of the bag to populate the world, let the stars out of the bag to populate the sky and some stories even say coyote had something to do with how the nocturnal beings got their way as well as the diurnal beings…making a simple determination that we couldn’t have just night or just day, but to bring harmony to the universe we must have both.  So, in the beginning we got both and both nighttime creatures and daytime creatures lived in harmony.  And, as we experience, the Sun and the Moon do a dance with each other all year long where we have equal days and nights and an equal chance to shine longer into the day and other times we get to see the heavenly stars shine for more hours of the cycle.  And, so it goes, a beautiful and harmonious marriage of day and night. 

Well, that’s all well and good until Father Sun tires and Grandmother Moon realizes that Sun needs to reset His light on Mother Earth. 

I’ve listened to many creation stories from our First Nation’s People about the phenonomen of a Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse recently in which the Ancestral Eclipse Wisdom has given me a perspective that I would like to share with you today. 

Monday will be a grand display of Grandmother Moon covering His Majesty’s Face while millions of human people have traveled to places on the enormous world-wide path of the Sun to  “watch” this great reset for all beings, human and non-humans alike.  While ALL the animals go under cover as our Father Sun dies, in these brief moments in celestial time, the humans are perfecting their safety glasses to “watch” and admire this phenonomen of nature.  

It is taught in many traditions that this is the time for humans to also go under cover and be in reverence for the Life Giving Energy our Father Sun has given us and pray for His return. 

It is said that this is a time of contemplation about our lives thus far and what we want to let die and what we want to renew or bring forth for our lives ahead.  

This is a very very sacred time to be honored and to be alive.  

My prayer is for the world of humans to reset our compass and focus on What Purpose is this Life, but Life Itself.  That Life has its own purpose to become our own potential. To live in ceremony, gratitude and awe of the spectacular gift of beauty we have been given.  The teachings on how to do this have been handed down through the ages. May Humanity Live in Harmony as our Animal People and Ancestors Have Know From the Original Instructions.  Thank you very much.  


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