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Where Earth and Sky Meet


"My home is on a sacred mountain where

earth and sky meet and my home is in the resilient desert. 

These places of nature, the ocean, meadows, forests, lakes, springs and rivers all facilitate in your healing. Any where we are,

we are supported by Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I will meet you there."


Click on any offering below to learn more about it

Consultorio ~ Your Home or Community

~ Individual Healing Ceremony 

~ Personal Healing Retreat and Women’s Retreats

~ Purification Ceremonies : individual, groups & home

~ Animals as Helpers

~ Living Transitions: rites of passage and funerary rites

~ Workshops

~ Ancestral healing 

Land clean up, restoration and reconciliation

~ Healing Addiction to Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol

~ Loss of a Child ~ Ritual for the Soul 

In the Comfort of Your Own Home & Community 

Phone, online and virtual consultations support long distance healing treatments

and many of the offerings listed here. 

Deanna will come to your home, business or community gathering place.

Together we can create a program for your community.

See what we can do together anywhere in the world!

Virtual Connection

~ Spiritual & Wellness Counsel

~ Sacred Mentoring ~ individuals, couples &                 businesses            

~ Online Courses

~ Long Distance Healing

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