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Ancient Medicine

For Modern People

Awakening and Healing
to Live the Gift of Your Life 

Even with our modern material comforts, we may find ourselves lonely, separated,

and longing for meaning, connection and purpose.

There is an alternative way to restore the rhythm of your life to health,

well-being and harmony.

Deanna Jenné’s calling in life is to make the old ancient ways of wisdom and healing available to people today. 


Deanna is a bridge between the physical body, field of spirit, and the holy. By her ability to span many traditions, perspectives and religious pathways she can offer wholeness to your life by way of the original instructions through traditional ceremonial technologies. 


Her skills are rooted in the healing art of the soul. By clearing energetic  clutter and blocks your body and mind, your home and business return to its natural state of balance.  Celebrate yourself, family and loved one's through Life's Transitional Rituals. Birth through death is honored in ceremonial healing ways.

Discover the gifts bestowed upon you and bring them to your life as your gift. 


The sacred ceremonies for healing are traditional ways transmitted by elders of earth-based traditions through to Deanna as an emissary to our Western people.   These ceremonial healings are rooted in ancestral traditions with the help of sacred tools and technology, sacred plants, animals and elemental allies. 

Often one is called to a healer's path through sickness, accident or tragic events in life. By following the signs and dreams, promptings and teachings, Deanna found her way and continues to learn ancient medicine from the grandmothers and grandfathers. It is with deep joy and gratitude that she brings this medicine to our people.


ancient Medicine
for today's maladies 

Here are some areas in your life

that you may want help and guidance on:

~ Direction, fulfillment, and purpose in life

~ Relationship challenges 

~ Chronic or acute physical illness

~ Past trauma or abuse -- affects present moment awareness

~ Loss of appetite for life's wonders 

~ Inability to focus and stay present

~ I stopped dancing and singing

~ Peace is illusive 

~ Difficulty with fear and anxiety

~ Learning to listen and act on intuition

~ Emotional fluidity is thwarted 

~ Urge to change life through use psychotropics, drugs, or alcohol

~ What Is my experience with love, grief, or death?

~ Challenged to handle change

~ Sleep disruption and not dreaming 

~ Body functions out of balance

You may find that this inventory leads you to ask other questions and point to how balanced your life is.

Ancient traditional medicine can awaken and heal and give you beautiful and life-affirming results. 

Contact me and ask for a 20 minute free consultation. 

Let's talk to each other 

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"To live with your heart in the driver’s seat, in your purpose and in joy, is your birthright. Give your mind the passenger's seat in your heart."


                                                                            - Deanna Jenné

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