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Ancient Medicine

For Modern People

 Healing & Spiritual Counsel
to Live the Gift of Your Life 

Even with our modern material comforts, we may find ourselves lonely,

separated, and longing for meaning, connection and purpose.

Your rhythm can be restored to health, well-being and harmony.

 Awaken your innate and authentic self.

My medicine bag contains many ways to bring

balance to your body, mind and spirit. 

Deanna Jenné answered a calling to be a bridge from ancient ways of wisdom to heal our people today. 

Deanna offers a wholistic perspective and deep listening to re-weave your life. It's a refreshing approach. Her spiritual journey has opened a unique doorway to help and guide others on their own journey. 

Deanna's work has been described as "unfolding the soul" and "helping people to become aware of their own soul language". 


Return to Your Natural State of Balance 


Full Circle Living Ministry: As an Animist Minister, Deanna leads you through soul-tending ceremonies and rituals.

Follow Deanna virtually through Eight Sacred Seasonal Ceremonies to balance your being



     Discover Your Gifts & Life's Purpose


The sacred ceremonies for healing are traditional ways transmitted and gifted to Deanna by elders of earth-based traditions. Having a calling and with devotion and dedication, she became an emissary and bridge between the ancestral ways and modern ways.  The ceremonial healings and Living Transition Rites of Passage are rooted in these traditions with the help of sacred tools and technology, sacred plants, animals and elemental allies. 

Often one is called to a healer's path through sickness, accident or tragic events in life. By following the signs and dreams, promptings and teachings, Deanna found her way and continues to learn ancient medicine from the grandmothers and grandfathers.  


Deanna brings this medicine to our people with deep joy and gratitude.


Wendy in Boulder

“❝ You are a wisdom keeper. You're deeply versed in an indigenous worldview. Your heart centered way of living is rare. ❞

ancient Medicine
for today's maladies 

Here are some areas in your life

that you may want shamanic help and mentoring on

~ Your Journey: Direction, fulfillment, and purpose 

~ Relationships: Love, grief, and death

~ Chronic or acute physical illness

~ Past trauma 

~ Loss of appetite for life's wonders 

~ Inability to focus and stay present

~ I stopped dancing and singing

~ Peace is illusive 

~ Fear and anxiety

~ Following your Heart: Listening and action

~ Emotional fluidity 

~ Psychotropics, drugs, or alcohol

~ Change of direction

Ancient traditional medicine awakens your deep knowing of who you are

and who you are not.

Experience a beautiful authentic life.

Contact Deanna and for a 20 minute free consultation. 

Let's Talk ...

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"To live with your heart in the driver’s seat, in your purpose and in joy, is your birthright. Give your mind the passenger's seat in your heart."

                                                                            ~ Deanna Jenné

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