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Living Transitions

Deanna offers ancient traditional ceremonies and rituals to mark the natural timing of the sacred turning points of our lives, from birth to the after-death journey of the soul. Over many years of learning from elders, she has been initiated in these transition ways.  

These times in life require ritual to anchor yourself on the earth and in the world.  Deanna calls these important acknowledgements with the creative force of spirit,  "Living Transitions".


“We are nature. Living harmoniously is our birthright. Our true nature beckons to align with the world around us ~ the ancestors, the rhythm of the world, the elemental forces, the other-than-human world  and with each other.”


You will experience a ritual that includes community, family and friends who witness and participate in the spiritual alchemy that will occur. Transitional rituals are baby and child baptism, initiation into adulthood, marriage, and funerary rites for recent and past deaths and for the unborn.

Untether yourself from Substances that no longer serve you or that you are in an addictive relationship to.  

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"In this specialized world, where specialists are in demand...One has to understand the whole, not just one part of [living]. To understand this whole, with all its astonishing variety, nuances, subtleties and extraordinary beauty, one must have total intelligence, not a specialized intelligence."


~ Krishnamurti

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