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Thu, Jun 20


Old La Sal, UTAH

Animals as Helpers 3-Day Ceremonial Retreat

With Deanna Jenné & Teague Eskelson Let’s Discover Our Connection to the Animal World. In this ceremonial retreat-workshop you will learn the shamanic way to embody and care for the spirit of the animals that come to help us navigate our lives. Ancestral Allies are wisdom holders.

Animals as Helpers 3-Day Ceremonial Retreat
Animals as Helpers 3-Day Ceremonial Retreat

Time & Location

Jun 20, 2024, 7:00 PM – Jun 23, 2024, 12:00 PM

Old La Sal, UTAH, 1415 UT-46, La Sal, UT 84530, USA

About Animals As Helpers

At one time, animals and people lived side by side and we knew each other intimately. We could shape shift and take on the qualities of an animal for purposes of hunting, tracking, traveling and caring for our families, communities and each other. We learned from animals' archetypal ways, like the wolf who teaches family values and the jaguar way of seeing in the dark.  

The Mt. Peale Animal Sanctuary is the perfect setting to meet your Animal Allies.  At the foot of La Sal's Mt. Peale is a place that holds deep shamanic work. Here we are able to explore the deeper primordial connections with these ancestors. Spending time in the wild natural landscape renews our soul. The horses at the Sanctuary are eager to help humans in many ways.  Come Join Us for an extraordinary weekend of discovery. 

Sacred Fire's attributes as an elemental force also here to help us, will be our guide to work on the shifts and transformation we are asking for. On Thursday night an ancient story of Human's and Animal's relationship to the world will be told.  You will learn how to embody and care for the animals that come to help you navigate your life. This is an amazing way to be nature.

Helper Animals are eagerly awaiting to give particular guidance and help with our specific human concerns. We are all related. Our need for this kind of assistance is natural. The animal kingdom will gift us with an allied helper and through movement and altered states of consciousness the animal/animals will take form and be enlivened with shamanic help. 

Unlike an Animal Totem, that we are gifted with at birth, an Animal Helper comes to help us in time of need. Animal Totems and Helpers are our ancestors and all human's birth right to discover.

“The Hunter: In all ancient native traditions, the solution to personal problems is closely connected to “power” and to following messages of the spirit in animals and plants and in your dreams and body. Without contact with this power, everyday life is not what it could be.”

~  Arnold Mindell, The Shaman’s Body ~

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