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Sacred Mentoring

with Deanna Jenné  


A Spiritual Guide, Healer,

Ceremonialist and


Life Consultant



We are destined to live a purposeful life. It is never to late to start a collaborative, sacred relationship where wisdom is exchanged and woven into a your rugged, unique and blessed soul journey. You will receive spiritual and practical guidance for your life’s cyclical nature tailored to fit what you need now while simultaneously co-creating the future.


Deanna works from ‘embodied knowledge’, the knowledge of experience and applied learning, to guide you to discover your foundational strengths that build a fulfilling, satisfying, wholistic life in its most natural, abundant and fruitful way. Ultimately, her goal is to help you embody your own wisdom and knowledge as you grow and eventually become an elder to our people. 


Finding home, your gifts, leaving old and worn out ways and embarking on a new adventure of living the best life possible for you requires a teacher, mentor and a broad wisdom-held and learned perspective of life. Deanna will help unravel and remedy lifelong patterns, ancestral interference as well as trauma that can limit and even shut down your full capacity to living.


A mentor should move your spirit. Mentoring is mirroring, not fixing situations but shedding light on areas that need attention. There are many ways to see. To examine more deeply and present new avenues for discovery, life becomes interesting and rich, curiosity replaces boredom, and the veil cloaking the mystery of life becomes more accessible. Ceremonies and rituals may be woven into the fabric of living as a remembered honoring of our connection to the  natural laws. Ritualizing and doing Ceremony repairs in a way no other modality is able to. I look forward to working with you.


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT:  We start with a questionnaire to determine where you are today and begin to look at what your aim in life is. We will explore your values to gain a strong awareness and solid foundation to help life challenges and decisions to be more straight forward, relationships become clearer, what you love reveals itself and your purpose is then right in front of you.  Deanna may provide reading and support material, videos, exercises, homework, as well as hour long consultations. 


This work may raise emotions and be challenging, all the while you come out of  darkness, and begin to sing your song. Your life sits on the foundation of your values and who you were born to become, what you’ve learned and developed since childhood. Honing and tempering give you a strong spiritual center and bedrock to continue to build your life upon. 


We can design a personal retreat to Mesa Life (where I live and work) to enhance our work in person and even receive healing sessions. The Mesa Life Village is a place for all of this to happen. Bear Paw Village offers a quiet space for you to enjoy nature and retreat to in primitive comfort. We also offer group retreats and special programs. 




SACRED MENTORING starts by a telephone or in-person consultation.  The Initial Consultation cost is $95 for approximately 1 hour.  Please email ( or call (970-210-9520) to set up your initial consultation to see if this is right for you.

Choose a package below from 3 to 12 month periods or make one that suits you. The package offers a structure and consistency that can be beneficial over time. Goal setting and choosing a topic is encouraged. Homework may be assigned.  Telephone, Zoom or In-Person Consultations are usually $100/hour - no agreement needed. Healing sessions long distance or in person sessions are from $135-$150.


Pricing below is for one-hour sessions, from once a week to once a month.  We can tailor a program for you, for a couple, or business.  If you would like to have 1 1/2 hour-long sessions or more months than listed here, let’s create that together.  Choose one:

A.   4 Sessions per month - 3 months  $816  ($68 per session)

B.   2 Sessions per month - 3 months  $444  ($74 per session)

C.   1 Sessions per month - 3 months  $255   ($85/session)

D.   2 Sessions per month - 6 months  $852   ($71/session) 

E.    1 Session per month  -  6 months  $492   ($82/session)

F.    1 Session per month  - 9 months   $711   ($79/session)


If for any reason the program chosen is not working out, for either party, we can negotiate the terms. A contract is signed by both to honor our promise to each other. Please know that I travel and am in ceremony, ritual or retreat at times for more than a day and may need to schedule around those events.


Sacred Mentoring Agreement Form

To secure a Sacred Mentoring Package please sign the below agreement and pay before we begin. Make check to Deanna Jenné, PO Box 245, Mesa, CO 81643; Venmo @ Deanna-Jenne; or PayPal @ (Please add 3% PayPal Fee)


Fill this form out either by copying it on paper and mailing it to Deanna

or by copying it directly onto a word doc and fill in the blanks and send by email


I, _______________________________________________________________________________(Name)



Agree to a ____ month _____ times per month mentoring program with Deanna Jenné,

starting ____________________ (date) and ending _______________________ (date).

The program schedule is negotiable at any time (e.g. vacations/work/travel).

There are no refunds.

Twenty-four hour notice is required to reschedule a mentoring session so you don't 

miss a session.


I have agreed to pay under the terms of the program:


___________________________________________________Signature of Applicant _________Date


___________________________________________________Deanna Jenné, Mentor__________Date

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